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Now China has a large population and limited land resources, which leads to the situation that every inch of land is worth every inch of money, especially in some golden areas. Therefore, choosing the land to build wooden houses can save you a lot of costs. Generally speaking, the land in big cities is expensive, while the land in rural areas is relatively cheap. Therefore, the development of wooden houses in small and medium-sized cities has become a trend. Coupled with a full understanding of building materials, design requirements, etc., choose an experienced company, can be useful to save time and space, quality can also be fully guaranteed.
由于国内防腐木材是属于新兴的行业,目前还不是很规范,很多的工厂在选材上基本选用不烘干的板材:一是大部分工厂没有烘干窑。二加 快生产周期。三,是偷料降低成本。四,国内客户没有订货习惯,交货时间急促,并盲目追求低价,为迎合此类客户导致了一些工厂偷工减料,简化生产流程,仓促交货,防腐内在质量得不到保障不说,施工后外观甚至会出现严重开裂、翘曲、尺寸大幅缩小现象.
As the domestic preservative wood is an emerging industry, it is not very standardized at present. Many factories basically choose non drying boards in material selection: first, most factories do not have drying kilns. Second, speed up the production cycle. 3、 It's stealing materials to reduce costs. 4、 Domestic customers have no habit of ordering, short delivery time, and blind pursuit of low price. In order to cater to such customers, some factories cut corners, simplify the production process, rush delivery, and the internal quality of anti-corrosion can not be guaranteed. Needless to say, after construction, the appearance may even appear serious cracking, warping, and greatly reducing the size
Jinan antiseptic wooden house
根据不同建筑造型经过了现代技术生产加工成不同的墙体型材,再经过阻燃、防腐处理等工序,更加坚固耐用。对 抗下沉应力、抗干燥,具有显著的稳定性。如果使用得当,济南防腐木木屋则是一种稳定、寿命长、耐久性强的材料。同时,在使用的过程中,可以根据使用情况决定刷涂木蜡油起到对木材更多一层的保护。
According to different architectural shapes, different wall profiles are produced and processed by modern technology, and then processed by flame retardant, anti-corrosion treatment and other processes, making them more durable. It has remarkable stability against sinking stress and drying. If used properly, Jinan anti-corrosion wooden house is a kind of stable, long life and durable material. At the same time, in the process of use, it can be decided to brush wood wax oil according to the use situation to protect the wood more.
There are two main anti-corrosion treatment technologies for wood processing. One is CCA anti-corrosion treatment. The main chemical composition of CCA is copper arsenate chromate. Another is ACQ, referred to as quaternary ammonium copper, which is mainly composed of copper oxide and quaternary ammonium salt. Because it does not contain arsenic and chromium, it has low toxicity to human and livestock, and is relatively environmentally friendly and has no adverse impact on the environment. This new type of environmental protection preservative will not cause harm to human, livestock, fish and plants, but also has good anti-corrosion performance.
UV Absorbents can be added to preservative wood. At present, a varnish containing UV Absorbents is being developed to coat the surface of wood or wood products, in order to prevent the photodegradation of outdoor wood surface. Some wood is treated with copper, chromium and other heavy metal salt preservatives mixed with UV resistant paint to make it have corrosion resistance and weather resistance.